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Let's paint the valley red...

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Sat Feb 10, 2018, 12:05 AM by Loreleaa:iconloreleaa:

Welcome to THE-RIIFT

We are a wolf based RPG group that centers around a pack of three struggling to co-exist in their new home. Many of them were only strangers on their journey, but became stronger with each passing day. After arriving at the rift in the land that they would call their home, they all split into three original packs. After a far less than peaceful split, each wolf was given a choice to make. Which Alpha would you follow? Alpha Koda of Riverdale? Alpha Llyr of Stonecreek? Or perhaps King Altaire of High Mountain?

With new rules being established to keep the peace, how long can they follow them through? It is up to you to find out.

Note! - We have Activity Check's at the end of these Months:  
March, June, September, and December

Group Opening Status
Closed | Open
New applications are not being accepted at this time! Please keep an eye out for character adoptions or waitlist openings in order to get involved in the group while we are closed. The next opening date is yet to be determined.

There is mature content in The Rift! We advise that anyone who is sensitive to topics such as rape, killing, suicide, self-harm and any other such topics, to NOT join our group! Though all content of these matters are censored as required by DA standards, we will not be held responsible for any incidents that occur as you have been pre-warned.

We are not first come first serve!

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Character of the Season | April - June

The Voting pool is open!
To vote for the character of the season, please send a note to the group titled "my votes for CotS" and list one wolf from rogues, Riverdale, High Mountain, and Stonecreek that you would like to be a contender for the Character of the Season! Once the voting pool has been closed, your votes will be tallied up, and the four wolves voted for the most will be put into a poll, and the entire group will vote from those four wolves on whom shall be the next character of the season! That character will then be featured here! :D

Send this form to us via note!

The wolf I choose from...
Riverdale is:
High Mountain is:
Stonecreek is:
Rogues is:

Also note that you cannot vote for your own character!

The winner for this new season is to be decided!



To have something posted here, send us a note titled "mini-news" and we'll add it to one of the sections!

:bulletred: Alerts
:bulletblue: Seeking
:bulletwhite: Leadership News
:bulletgreen: Pleasant News
:bulletorange: Unpleasant News
:bulletpink:  Mateships and Pups

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:bulletorange: Weather is warming up, but chilly rainstorms are on the rise all throughout The Rift.
:bulletorange: A storm has ravaged Riverdale's territory and the southernmost parts of Stonecreek.

:bulletred: Alpha Koda has been assassinated by Caspian and a party of vagabonds.
:bulletred: Riverdale wolves are fleeing to other packs while High Mountain infiltrates their territory.

:bulletorange: Stonecreek is preparing to investigate the recent storms to ensure Riverdale is safe. More border patrols than usual.

:bulletgreen: High Mountain is rejoicing after Koda's murder, welcoming those who join their ranks after the event.

Current Events

To Kill an Alpha - TR Group PlotTwo weeks has passed since Alpha Koda won the Trial of Combat, avenging his father and bringing triumph to Riverdale. The packs parted with the hope that the Rift between them might heal.
The days after the Trial had been quiet. Pack’s returned to daily life, living in shadows of worry and doubt, but hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. What most didn’t know, was that a certain someone was back to his old tricks, except this time he’d resorted to far more sinister methods.
After a stormy night that ravaged the lands, tearings limbs off of trees; creating unwanted dams within Riverdale’s borders, a group of High Mountain wolves had snuck past the borders of Riverdale Territory. Unbeknownst to the pack whom rush to free the water of their precious creeks, danger was now hidden among their beloved forests.
Two nights after the storm, Alpha Koda has gone missing. What has become of him, no one in Riverdale is sure. The scent of blood near Pebble path eludes to an attack

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Summary: Alpha Koda has succumbed to the teeth of Caspian under promiscuous means with High Mountain influence as the cause. Many wolves are dispersing to and from packs-- some joining Riverdale to help in the takeover, others departing in fear of the worst. Stonecreek, still unaware of the destruction on the other side, only knows of a nasty storm that managed to mangle their silent allies' territory. They begin preparing more border patrols for any signs of distress or ways to help, but for the most part the forest remains quiet.

Wolves of Riverdale are reacting to the news of their Alpha's demise, and it's clear that something worse is on the rise for those who disagree with Caspian's assumed leadership. How will your wolf react to the recent events?

Reactions: 13/13

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Current Weather

Winter is slowly coming to a close. While the weather is still cold and bitter to the touch, rain is much more frequent in the mid-southern parts of the land. With the change in temperatures, thunderstorms are also becoming more aggressive and scaring off much of the wildlife into hiding. Becareful out there!


Member count: 50/60

Group Opening: Closed!

Trade Post:  Open!

Litter Requests: Open!

Mate Requests: Open!

Character of the Season Votes:  Open!

Affiliation Requests: Always Open to other RPGs!

Late Winter Quests

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! by blushbun Rainy Days - Draw or rp (1000 words minimum) your character's reactions to the recent storms crossing The Rift. (Additional 2 exp - Redeemable only once per character!)

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! by blushbun Waterfowl! - Draw or rp (1000 words minimum) your character chasing down some unwanted geese or ducks on the waterside. (Additional 2 exp - Redeemable only once per character!)

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! by blushbun Thunder A'brewing - Draw or rp (1000 words minimum) how your character spends a particularly nasty storm alone or with their packmates. (Additional 3 exp - Redeemable only once per character!)

The Rift - New map!!! by Loreleaa

More Journal Entries



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SnowyReign Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to keep an eye out for this group. That's gonna be 2 wolf groups I wanna join now :'3

Quick Question: can I start with being a rogue? if that's possible? I am not sure entirely what pack to join in with my girl (since I am starting out as a boy in the other wolf group I'm waiting to join from an old OC to revive with) unless someone wants to welcome my gal into their pack //pap.

I'm thinking of doing a white, grey, or great plains wolf species :D
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Sphruxon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy creep this group looks awesome!
Scarlet-Tea Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, I’ve been on the waiting list for idk how long, but I was wondering how long does it usually take for new members to come in through waiting?
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NinjaKato Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
I shall keep an eye on this group...
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PeachmiIk Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018
I truly hate that i missed this opening -sobs-I still have my boy I was originally joining with that I want to put innnnn
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